Daily Archives: November 30, 2005

Technet magazine

I’ve just written an article for the Technet magazine which is now available on line.  My article will appear in the next edition.  However, Steve made it into the first edition.  Great job Steve.

Do you want to write for TechNet mag?  just use the contact link in my blog, give me your contact details and a topic you’d like to write about and I’ll forward your details and topic suggestions on to the TechNet team.  Go on, share your great ideas and best practices with us and get yourself onto the contributors list :-).  You never know, this could be the start of your journalist career…


Exchange Server support tools

I’ve been so busy out on the road at IT forum,  then out of the country on holiday and now out on the road with the Exchange Unplugged tour (here’s the tour blog by the way) that i havent had any chance to keep up to date with anything at all, so I’ve been dealing with the backlog of stuff for the past 2 weeks.  Fortunately Blake has reminded me of the new set of support tools for Exchange Server that ave been released, and he gives a good explantion of what each tool does.  I’ve also blogged about features of each tool too…

Granting access to another mailbox

I noticed that this flash tip has been highlighted on TechNet recently, and how very appropriate and timely as i'[ve had 2 mails this week about this very topic.  Susan wanted to know how to grand acces to someone elses mailbox, and Claire wanted to know the difference between send on behalf of and send as… 

This is the best article I know of explaining the differences between Send as and send on behalf of, and should sort both Claire and Sue out at work.. Good luck!