Daily Archives: November 18, 2005

Deploying Sharepoint in the Enterprise

I noticed some resources on the web about deploying Sharepoint throughout the enterprise…

The web page is aimed at helping support enterprise level deployments and is now available to provide access to resources helping large-scale Windows SharePoint Services solutions to work within their organisations.  It is designed to provide quick access to core resources needed by IT professionals and business decision makers who are faced with the challenge of making a large-scale Windows SharePoint Services solution work within their organizations.

So if you face these challenges in your organisation:
   Self-service site creation
   Site hierarchy planning
   Content migration and bulk uploading
   Enterprise charge-back model approaches
   Backup, restore, and disaster recovery
   Performance planning
   Allowing end-user site and page customization
   Developing, deploying, and maintaining Web parts
this document


64bit Exchange – a correction to my blog entry…

Well I’ve been a bit busy dealing with questions and comments from my blog entry about 64bit Exchange  the other day, and responding to (generally positive) mails and articles.  There certainly seems to be lots of interest about this decision.     But I made a mistake in my original blog. I totally misheard something.  So I’ve been corrected by the Exchange team (who will be blogging about E12 in 64bit soon – honestly)

What I said was:

   I also unserstand that during the betas, there will be both a 32 bit and 64 bit version of Exchange 12 so you can compare the performance gains.

But the correct reason for doing this was to ensure that early beta testers who have not yet moved to 64-bit hardware can begin to evaluate the feature set of Exchange 12 (and not related to perf testing)

So apologies for misleading you.  I was caught up in the excitement of the announement on Tuesday and completely got this wrong.  Sorry…