Daily Archives: November 11, 2005

Adding Additional mailboxes to the Outlook PRF file

Well I had a mail the other day which really had me stumped for an answer – I really didn’t think that this could be done.  Here’s the mail…

I’ve used the custom installation and custom maintenance wizards to ensure that when a user logs onto a Terminal Servcies server for the first time their Outlook 2003 profile is created automatically.
The CIW and CMW both allow me to specify the Exchange Server and the Mailbox   (which I set to  %username%)
However the users also need to have ‘Additional Mailboxes’ added to their Exchange Profiles, as there are some common mailboxes that they all have access to.
I’ve scoured the web and even read —-“Whitepaper: Configuring Outlook Profiles by Using a PRF File
But I don’t seem to be able to pre-configure the additional mailboxes.
Am I missing something or is this an unusual practice, and maybe I should be providing access to these shared mailboxes in a different manner
(I know it’s possible to go to ‘Open Other Users Folder’ but that still requires a bit of manual step for the user).

Well I searched all over the place before giving in and asking someone technical :-).  Laurent told me that It just can’t be done via PRF.  So here’s actully how you do it.  You need to add more Exchange mailboxes to the MAPI profile.

Scary bit of code though… just cut and paste it!…