Daily Archives: November 10, 2005

Which account has been locked out?

Chris had a problem with SMS last week.  He was using SMS 2003 in standard security and found that the the SMS service account was being locked out intermittently. He was using one account to do most things.  It was driving him mad and he was desperate to find out which server and which location (e.g. service account, client installation account, network access account) was at fault or would he have to go through all of his sites and actually reset all of the accounts.  He was going crazy trying to troubleshoot this.

And I remembered that there’s a really good tool called the Account Lockout Status tool.  I like this – as it’s got a GUI interface as well as a command lie tool and it displays lockout information about a particular user account.  It collects information from every domain controller that it can actually contact in the user account’s domain.  So you can very quickly find the troublesome account.

A great tool to have in your troubleshooting inventory and well worth downloading and noting.  You know, we really need to have a page with links to all of the useful tools in a consultants armoury.  Much easier than trying to remember all of these great tools you may need one day.  What do you think would be on there then?