Oracle on Windows? Wow! can you do that?

So I’m sitting on the stand with Steve at the UK’s Oracle user group 3 day event, handing out chocolate bars (you may get the lucky bar with the sticker inside telling you that you’ve won a creative mp3 player, and answering the same question over and over and over again…

Yes, Oracle runs on Windows.  Yes honestly.  Check out their web site.  Customers have been running Oracle on Windows for ages.  Really!

And then they take some chocolate and walk away amazed…..

I’ve been giving demos of Vista (LUA and the file system) Sharepoint (showing my Sharepoint site accessible via Extranet) and answering questions about Windows – and most people are amazed…

Very bizzarre seeing how many people just “didn’t know” that Oracle runs on Windows.  Good job we’re here.  And the chocolate is yummy too….