Inventory tool for Dell updates – mandatory re-install

I blogged quite a while ago about this tool and how it worked.  Well I’ve been alerted to something that you may need to be aware of to make sure that the tool still works effectively.  If you utilise SMS to do patching of Dell BIOS, Firmware and Drivers using the Inventory Tool for Dell Updates (ITDU) then you need to update the tool due to a recent change in the signing of the catalog that is downloaded from Dell. (The Certificate is now signed by DELL rather than Verisign which now breaks the tool).
This does require a re-installation of the scan tool package from here… Note that after an upgrade, the Distribution Points for the Dell Updates Sync program (ITDUSync.exe) need to be updated with a new version of the package source to ensure that the sync host is running the latest bits. Existing packages already created for Dell Component or System updates should not be affected.

Thanks to Jaspaul for the info…