Women in Technology – and food

(Sounds better than the term girly geek dinner doesn’t it).  Sarah did a fantastic job mobilising women to mix, network and interact with each other the other night.  Almost all of the women I chatted to were energised and motivated.  There were some amazing men there too who seemed to be failry chuffed to have been invited.  I’d have loved to spend more time chatting to everyone (and persuading the lovely Dave that he needs to upgrade his eglu to increase his production line.  Sorry that Neil had to go too – would have been good to talk for a little bit longer.  Improbulus did some serious networking too, and captured lots of names

And the great thing was that almost everyone said that they’d go to the next dinner too.  its just the term “geeks” that seem to put women off.  So ok, what do we call a female geek then?  I’d love to know…