Daily Archives: September 22, 2005

Talking about blogging

I was at an industry event for executives last week who seemed to be completely unaware of the reach and extent of the online blogging community and how much information is fed around the blogosphere.  It’s often fascinating, when some big news item hits the blogs, and watch it ripple around different blogs as news cascades around the world.  Blogging has certainly become a really effective mechanism to gauge opinions, find out news, and interact with other bloggers for insider knowledge and assistance.  Comments about products, on on my blog can often be escalated internally and we can change things wherever we can, or try to help when you have issues with the software. 

So I’m going to be delivering an event in he UK about blogs and blogging.  To try to communicate why blogs and blogging is such an effective mechanism for word of mouth information delivery. So if you’re available on 13th October, and would like to encourage some of your sceptical colleagues to come along, it’d be really good to see you on campus.  Here’s the link to register.

Hmmm. I’ve just though of something.  All the people who would really benefit from learning about blogs and blogging, probably won’t be reading this blog!  So could you forward the link to the cynics you work with, and encourage them to come along, and see how companies can gain benefits from encouraging their employees to show their human side through their blogs…

I look forward to seeing you there..