Daily Archives: September 21, 2005

SPV c550

I’ve been dithering for some time about the type of phone to get to replace my c500, and I’m currently oscillating between candy bar type phones, Razr’s and the clamshell type device, wanting all of them in equal measures.  the Orange M5000 caught my eye the other week, I was having a coffee with Ewan and he was demoing all of the new features.  But now, I’ve just read a review from the Register about the c550 and I’m back on to the candy bar style again…

I quite like the idea of the ability to download music to the phone – saves me carrying my creative Zen around as well, and the size of the phone fits better in my jeans or handbag than the M5000.  Not a problem for a bloke I know, but one of my key design decisions. 

And with the raft of stuff about to come out intime to hit the Christmas market – I’m spoilt for choice … again!