Daily Archives: September 14, 2005

Send SMS messages from your mobile phone using Outlook 2003

John has found this fantastic little download from Microsoft that lets you send SMS messages from your cell phone by using Outlook.  A boon to those of you who have big thumbs and those of us who blame your poor spelling on the predictive text feature in the phone. (The number of times I’ve typed that I’m sitting at home with wind instead of wine…..). There are other howlers too in predictive text that escape me at the moment…

Download it and give it a try… here’s the info

This download will enable you to send SMS text messages through most GSM mobile phones connected to your PC using Outlook 2003.
You can enter your SMS text within a Outlook-type entry form and have it sent to your mobile phone for delivery through your mobile phone network service. There is no requirement to install third-party software or to subscribe to additional mobile network services if your mobile phone can be connected to your PC. This is typically via an infrared connection, Bluetooth technology, or a USB/serial cable.
The SMS messages can be saved as a draft, grouped, and forwarded like standard Outlook 2003 e-mail.

Additional Features:

  • Manage SMS messages just like emails – Save drafts, Sent items, Print
  • Forward as email and SMS
  • Lookup and resolve phone numbers to your existing Outlook contacts
  • Use spelling and proofing tools
  • Cut and paste text from other applications



Exchange 2003 SP2 – whats in it?

I noticed that Gerod has posted a link to the release notes for Exchange SP2 (they weren’t with the original bits).  They’re now on the web. (I mentioned that you could download them in a previous blog entry).   I’d missed the bit about pausing replication of Public Folders which Gerod picked up.  A very useful feature when your bandwidth starts to creak at the seams…