Monad shell available to download

I just noticed this on one of our internal newsletters and thought it was worth forwarding on…

“Monad” Shell – Publicly available on Microsoft Download Center
Windows “Monad” Shell is a new interactive command-line and task-based scripting technology for Windows that enables administrators to more efficiently and securely automate and control system management tasks on both desktops and servers. “Monad” Shell provides powerful task-based control (via built-in command line tools and utilities) and a powerful scripting language that enables comprehensive scripted control of the Windows operating system and applications. Download “Monad” for
X86 or X64 from the Download Center.  Watch “Monad” Architect Jeffrey Snover demonstrate “Monad” on a Channel 9 MSDN Video Interview and via two webcasts.

Also – contact John via his blog for some extra documentation not included with beta 2, and follow Lee’s blog for code samples and for the link to the *new* public newsgroup…