The TechNet Index

I’ve been sent a mail about how TechNet has been organised to make it much more easy to navigate the site.  I’ve had a browse during today and I’m impressed.  here are some of the features:

TechNet Indexes have been placed onto  There is even a fly out under TechNet programs -> Subscriptions on for easy navigation.  The September shipment has an offline version of the indexes and a flyer pointing to the new Indexes.  

Now you can:

  • More easily search for product sthat are in the subscription and locate which disc they are on. 
  • Full Text Search
  • Search products by disc #
  • Search across SKU part numbers
  • Query for a list of discs that they receive each month.
  • Choose your subscription level, media type, Language pack and Shipment Date
  • Create a list by entering SKU part number.

It’s certainly worth looking at – especially if you’re looking for that particular document and have no idea where the heck it is…..