Daily Archives: September 8, 2005

New trojan – won’t let you see “adult” sites

I don’t normally blog about virus alerts, worms and trojans (Steve normally blogs about these) but this one this morning has caught my eye.  There’s a new Trojan out there which won’t let you visit sites with sex or exhibition in the title bar of the browser. It actually blocks access to the site itself and displays a warning message that if you ignore it, forces you to log out….  This could make it a bit difficult to book tickets for a concert  then if you had this trojan.

Very bizarre. 


Small Business Server – have you outgrown it?

There’s been quite a bit of a buzz about the announcement made yesterday about our new mid market solution codenamed Centro with several articles in the press , blog, and news sites.  Centro is aimed at businesses sized from 50 – 250 pcs, and aims to simplify the management of your environment.  Centro will be made up from components such as Windows, Exchange, ISA, MOM, SMS (sorry, System Centre) – the next versions where appropriate each I suppose –  all linked together to make management much more simple.  So there’s one place to go to create a  new user for example, and wizards to automate day to day tasks.  As its aimed at the mid sized business, there’ll be a focus on simplifying these sort of tasks too.  So if your organisation has more than 50 PC’s and is currently runing Small business Server, then Centro could be the answer as your business develops and grows.

It will be available to buy just after Longhorn Server is available, but watch out for updates and more news as the product develops…