Daily Archives: September 6, 2005

Starting from somewhere

Ewan reminded me about start.com today (we were talking about kittens over IM and got a bit sidetracked over the picture of a kitten drinking from a straw).  I had a play with start.com/1 and start.com/2 in the early days of it’s incubation period, so I’m really impressed with the improvements made to the landing page. I’m glad that Start.com/3 has been dropped to something more intuitive too.  If you havent seen it yet, all you have to do is log in using your passport credentials, and then start to customise your dashboard portal.  Things like the weather (and they’ve got my local town listed in the UK too – amazing).  Its really easy to add RSS feeds to the site too, and search for links that you’d like to see.  But the best bit is:

Drag and drop of the modules on the dashboard. Fantastic! Now, there’s none of this hanging about whilst the page refreshes itself either.  In fact there are lots of new features in this new version – and you can see how the project has progressed by reading the MSN team blog for startcom

if you have any feedback for future improvements mail the team with your suggestions.  So how about putting a dashboard component where I can store my favourite links? I may not want to see the sites displayed all the time – but a list of hyperlinks would be nice…

Or have I missed this feature, and it can be done already??