HTC Universal – now on sale

But you’ve got to go to Germany to buy one at the moment… I noticed that the Register said that the HTC universal was on sale (in Germany) today (or yesterday). It’s described as a clamshell – but its not the sort of clamshell that immediately comes to mind (the Star Trek communicator thingy).  It’s bigger, heavier – sort of more solid.  It reminds me of a make up compact – with a screen for a mirror (Very girly thought I know).  But having had a bit of a play with Jason’s (phone) the other day I now really want one for myself.

Jason has a good photo of it on his blog…just in case you were a bit concerned about the make up comment…

Nice size – not too heavy and an amazingly clear screen.  Time to dump my M1000 I think…or should I wait for something better (again)?