MSN messenger 7.5 – can you hear me?

So I’ve downloaded the latest version of MSN messenger 7.5  – full version not a beta (betta), and I want to play with some of the new features.  There’s the opportunity to talk by using Voice Clip.  These allow you to record your voice over IM and send it using the massenger interface to your buddy.  Who can then open it up and play it.  And then record their own voices and send to you.

So you can sort of chat in near real time – with a bit of a delay.  It seems to be like the long distance calls of old – that sounded a bit like simplex transmissions, and I’d be tempted to end each transmission with “Over!” 

But here’s my problem.  None of my buddies have upgraded yet – so I can’t chat to anyone.  I’m talking from one messenger acount to another (which is Boring) So why don’t you upgrade to 7.5?  and talk to me…..