The Uniqueness of people

I’ve been spending time catching up on all of my blog reading, after spending time scuba diving, I’ve not had time to catch up on whats going on in the blogosphere.  I’m very chuffed (English slang for “rather pleased”) to note that our Industry Insiders forum has been noted as being one of the 10 useful Microsoft blogs to read and even more delighted that Mat, or should I say John MacEnroe? came in at number 2… Well done Mat.

Mind you, Louise (who has just moved on from Microsoft and is missing organising my working life) says that she can see the Mcenroe connection… Mat – you have a stalker… 

And this made me realise that in reading all of these amazing blogs, about technology, about non work stuff, about news and about life that there are some really amazing unique people who share unique thoughts with us through blogs.  and whether they’re praised or slated for it, are enriching my life with their words.  Long may they continue….