Daily Archives: July 25, 2005

Microsoft to acquire FrontBridge

I saw this on the newswires the other day, and didn’t get around to blogging about it as I was in transit to Atlanta, then Steve Ballmer talked about it during our internal global briefing, so I went back and had another look at the news article.  This is quite something, this aqcuisition.  This means that the prevention of email bourne virii spam etc will be handled by this fully managed service – reducing the load on the Administrators.   and managing the mail before the mail gets to you… 

Dave Thompson summed it up nicely:

It’s a great opportunity for our partners to provide an additional offering that their customers have been seeking – a fully managed service for e-mail archiving, spam filtering, virus scanning, encrypted e-mail, policy enforcement, and disaster recovery. In turn, FrontBridge has strong relationships with many telecommunications and OEM industry partners who resell the service. We expect this merger will offer many new opportunities to partners.

certainly something to keep an eye out for…