Daily Archives: July 22, 2005

Exchange 2003 – Deleting Badmail items

Jasons Exchange server is causing him major issues.  I’d called in to see him for lunch before I flew out to our conference the other day and  I caught him at just the wrong moment.  He was in despair..

He had just noticed that his badmail folder had thousands upon thousands of items in. He couldn’t move them and they’d been there in the queue for quite a while.  He was worried about deleting them, and also worried about the badmail folder filling up again.  Well I sat down and had a browse around the web for him and found this amazing utility which will effectively put a quota size on the badmail folder, and automatically archive them off or delete them.  So he didn’t have to do anything once he’d downloaded the tool. It only delayed us by 30 minutes – and lunch was on him… 🙂 

About time too Jason – it was your turn anyway…


New name for Longhorn – Windows Vista

So the name for Longhorn has finally been announced – Windows Vista.  I like it… Have a look at this link for more information.  Brian Valentine (he’s the one on the right in the still shot on the web page) announced it at our internal conference in Atlanta yesterday evening before riding off stage on a white horse.  John has the video here…

I rather like the name – its a proper name again – not a number – or an acronym…

By the way – the demos were absolutely stunning yesterday.  I’m really looking forward to the beta….