LCS and PIC connectivity

I’ve been involved in email ping pong with Chris for a week or so, I think he’d read my blog entry on PIC and wanted some further information  He wanted to know if it was possible to communicate with an MSN user who’s passport is something other then or  He has customers with contacts on the MSN network who use their company name for the passport but when he added them as a contact it didn’t allow him to communicate with them or show presence.

I told him that he needed to ensure that he had provisioned the users for connectivity and signed the provisioning page at once this is confirmed, then access to MSN accounts will be allowed.

But this wasn’t his real problem as he soon told me..

We have already signed the agreement and PIC works for MSN, AOL, and Yahoo.  The problem we are running into is that our users cannot add contacts of MSN users that have passports with addresses other then or For example.  One of my users is trying to add an MSN user who’s id is

Hmmm.  I had to ask around internally and the LCS kid gave me the answer. (Thanks very much Tom and by the way, your blog is the first one I go to for LCS problems by the way)..

The list of supported domains for MSN is listed in this KB article. Currently, EASI passport accounts (those where a user uses something besides a standard MSN domain) are not yet supported for communication with PIC.   There are ways for MSN Messenger users to migrate their EASI passport accounts so that they can communicate with PIC customers however.  Have a look at this document for more info about migrating. 

So I think that Chris is happier now – although he still has the problem for now…