18 hours to go – 48 hours needed

And I’m still not ready.  I’m flying off to our global conference tomorrow morning and rushing around like a loon trying to get everything sorted out before I leave.  Asking myself where the heck I put my passport after returning from TechEd, that sort of question.  I’m looking for all of my scuba gear, as I want to make a detour after the conference finishes and dive the spiegel grove in Key Largo.  I’ve been diving it since 2002 and would like to see it in its intended orientation after hurricane Dennis righted her.  Too much to do, so little time.  And I hate flying, I’m not fond of airports, and resent the waiting around when I could be doing something else.  Thank goodness that there are wireless points so I can pass the time effectively instead of browsing the duty free places for yet more perfume and chocolate.

And there are still emails to do too.  Ho hum…