Daily Archives: July 15, 2005

Scripting for MOM – Part 2

I noticed that scripting for MOM part 2 has been placed onto the Technet site.  I blogged about part one the other week and understood most of the concepts in the topic.  Lets see how I fare with part two…


RTC Presence toolkit

I noticed that Graham and Mary Jo Foley have been talking about the RTC presence tooklit which was announced last week at rhw World wide partner conference in Minneapolis

<…>RTC Toolkit. Microsoft is introducing the RTC Presence Toolkit, which provides a set of visual controls that can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio projects to enable application developers to easily embed presence, instant messaging (IM) and call control functionality into their applications. By hovering over the presence indicator, developers will have a view of availability information and can use a right-click menu to choose from various modes of communication, including IM and telephony.

It’s not available yet but it will be a great tool for in house developers who want to use the Presence engine provided by Live Communications Server to bring presence awareness to their apps…