Daily Archives: July 13, 2005

LCS 2005 Bandwidth

I’ve been involved in and email exchange with a consultant from one of our Systems Integrators who was asking about bandwidth use in LCS  In the Architecture and Deployment document it states that LCS consumes 1.6Kbps of network bandwidth per user over an 8 hour period (including IM traffic).  I did a little searching around and found some information about audio , video and Whiteboarding.

If 2 users wish to have an audio or video or data session such as application sharing orusing the whiteboard, then the call doesn’t route through the LCS server.  so point to point approximate bandwidth useage is as follows:

Audio only call:     32Kbps for send and receive in each direction.
Audio + Video:     32Kbps (Audio) + 125 Kbps (Video) = 157 kbps in each direction
Application Sharing or Whiteboard: The amount of data exchange depends on the type of content being shared and the type of activity of the application or the desktop that is shared. This is difficult to quantify effectively.

Remote assistance: The data exchange would be similar to Aplication sharing above.

If you want to adjust the amount of bandwidth used, then there is a registry key you can add:

 “HKLM\\Software\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Live Communications Client\\{38639941-A780-4f5b-8017-8B361F9A29DB}” DWORD “MaxAudioVideoBitrate”

Bandwidth requirement and client traffic seems to be getting more and more of a standard question that I get asked these days – which seems a bit strange considering how much more WAN bandwidth seems to be available at much lower costs than in the past… Maybe now we’ve got lots we still want more?…