0xC3F7580B – LCS 2005 and pools

I was chasing up an issue with moving users from one server to another in LCS for a migration to LCS 2005.  The server was throwing errors about each user and warning me about the pool.  I’d created an enterprise pool, and the servers were talking to each other fine – but the error 0xC3F7580B was bugging me.  I did a quick search for a kb article on this and couldnt find anything at all on the error.  Hmmm. so I checked the trace logs for any other errors and found the error 80ee0066.  A search on this pointed to Toms post on LCS and DNS which pointed me to the solution for how users communicate with LCS 2005 Enterprise pools.  Users need to use the FQDN of the pool to see other users and communicate with them. 

So check that you can resolve the pool name and avoid DNS errors when you move the users…