Daily Archives: July 11, 2005

Deleting the First Storage Group on a Front End Exchange server

One of the more interesting conversations at the Ask the Experts area at TechEd last week was about Front Ends and Back Ends.  Exchange Servers that is…

Peter and I got into quite an in depth discussion about deleting the Storage groups on a front end server.  When you create a front-end server, do not delete the “First Storage Group” object in Exchange System Manager. The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service (and its related services) depends on the “First Storage Group” object.”  So as you should have deleted the databases on a Front End server anyway, why the heck would you still need the First Storage group.
Well, the IS won’t start if the First SG is removed, then you won’t be able to make any configuration changes via Internet Services Manager at all.  There’s a useful KB article that goes into a bit more detail here or in the topology guide here. 

It was really great to  meet up with so many people at TechEd last week. I had a great time catching up with my fellow bloggers who had taken the time to stop me and say hello.  That’s one benefit of having my photo on my blog I suppose. (Rui – where were you?  I carried Jam around all week for you!)  It was also great to chat to Maarten – a real mobility enthusiast. His blog often points to things I’ve missed as I’ve been focusing on other stuff.  Things like Google earth that I downloaded on Friday night and have been amazed by the details in some locations around the world – even the undersea tectonic plates!.  I can even see cars in the car park close to where I live.  Amazing indeed.