Automatically forwarding mails to external mailboxes

Allister called me from his event yesterday with a query from one of the attendeed who asked if it’s possible to block rules in the Outlook client to prevent users from having emails forwarded to an external mailbox. In this instance, the rule blocking would need to be initiated from the server as the clients have already been deployed with this functionality enabled and the customer doesn’t want to have to touch all the desktops. He’s keen to do this to prevent employees from inadvertently forwarding content that may be obscene or inappropriate from inside the organisation to the outside world.

Wel this has been around since Exchange 5.5 and caused us an issue in a previous company after one of the Sales people left suddenly and had enabled this rule (and we didn’t disable his NT account in time – but thats another story – and a process issue too)

Here are the kb articles for Exchange 2000 and for Exchange 2003 which documents how to override the setting for selected users, and a useful explanation about how message formatting, auto forwards and responses happen in Exchange 2000

I’m surprised Allister even needed to ask me this question – his blog is the place I go to for all my Outlook tips and facts..!