Daily Archives: June 21, 2005

Blogcast: Configuring Hardware and Software Inventory in SMS 2003

This is a 3 part blogcast as part of a series from the Technet team in the US showing how to configure and enable hardware and Software Inventory in SMS 2003. 

Part 1 is here, and runs for 3minutes 42 seconds and shows how to configure Hardware and software Inventory

Part 2 is here, runs for 1 minute 42 seconds  and shows how to enable hardware and software inventory.

Part 3 is here and reviews the inventory collected by viewing the updated collection..

There are links to other blogcasts here, or you can take a look at Brian’s blogcast site for more advanced SMS blogcasts and how to’s on lots of other topics…


Microsoft and Sybari – products

Well, Microsoft announced that the acquisition of Sybari has been completed today and talked about all the products that would be offered:

Microsoft will offer Sybari products for the Microsoft Windows platform, including Antigen for Microsoft Exchange, Antigen for Microsoft SharePoint® Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services, Antigen for Instant Messaging, Antigen for SMTP Gateways, Sybari Enterprise Manager, Advanced Spam Manager, Advanced Spam Defense and Antigen for Domino on Windows NT” 

There are lots of links a bout the acquisition up on the Windows Server System site, with the press pass page, and the product overviews for Anti virus and anti spam solutions.  But the topic I get asked about the most is messaging hygiene and how we do it at Microsoft. I’ve talked about this topic quite a bit in past blog entries so won’t dwell too much on it here.. but it’s worth having a look at our Intelligent message filter for Exchange if you haven’t done so already.  Greg talked about this during the TechNet evening last week and his buddy Paul has done an amazing blogcast (with Powerpoint too) showing how to troubleshoot the IMF.  If you haven’t seen the IMF at all, here’s a blogcast showing an overview of the IMF 

Some reading for me to do then….I’ve got a goal to get one of my posts onto Rui’s ‘weekend reading’ list each week – so what can I write about that’s noteworthy enough?