Blogcast: Deploying the SMS 2003 Advanced client

This is the second blogcast in the series of SMS 2003 and the advanced client produced by the TechNet team. This blogcasts shows the actual deployment of the advanced client (we prepared SMS 2003 for the advanced client in the previous blogcast).  The blogcast also discusses the premissions needed to deploy the Advanced client, shows how to assign the XP workstation to the site, and the steps to deploy the Advanced client to the workstation and to the entire collection.  The client is deployed and validated from the Systems Management icon in control panel.

Steve, John and Mat link to other topics created by the the TechNet team. Here’s the link to the blogcast.  If you don’t know what a blogcast is, then Steve explains it quite well in his post.  There are other blogcasts on too with an RSS feed to subscribe to new blogcasts

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