LCS integration with Sametime – no it doesn’t!

Well I’ve really stepped out of my area now and been corrected.  I suspected that I was out of my specilist area, but my blog entry was incorrect the other day, and both Paul and Jevon have put me straight.

I was correct in that  

Radvision do not provide integration for Sametime and LCS. What they provide is a multiparty conferencing unit that can be used by either.

Both Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and IBM Lotus/Sametime are based on SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] however Microsoft Office Live Communications Server and IBM Lotus/Sametime leverage different versions of SIMPLE [SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions] which is the actually layer on top of SIP to make the additional presence and IM functionality that are experienced in Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

So sorry about misleading you and thanks to Paul and Jevon for correcting me.  I really should stick to what I actually know and leave others to talk about Sametime…

Live Communications Server 2005 and IBM Lotus/Sametime cannot federate with one another without a translation gateway between the two, but I was wrong about other facts: