Adding disclaimers to outbound SMTP messages

Jim sent me a question about adding disclaimers to outbound SMTP messages. 

“So with the steps as described in 317680 complete I fail to see the code operate in response to outbound public email.  My question is how to get in and debug/discover what goes on?  I stepped through smtpreg.vbs after editing it into Excel VBA form. The binding results seem reasonable. I don’t see the event sink code run. My host environment is exchange 2003 standard edition on server 2003 (no sp1 for 2003).”

Well, If this is a single server then it is to be expected – there used to be an article Q288756 – which has been pulled now it seems, which used to describe a way of forcing messages out of a local smtp virtual server, back into another, then sending on – to get the event to fire. Basically, unless you has another smtp bridgehead to install the sink on it won’t work in the form we provide it. (as far as I know….)

We would suggest one of two things – Exclaimer has for a nice tool – or – even better – GFI mail essentials, which lets you do this for free when the trial of their MailEssentials software expires, according to the terms of their freeware license – you will need to  check thoroughly etc etc to make sure you’re covered.

Both are, if you’re not a developer, a lot easier. (and lots of thanks to Greg in MCS for help with this one… )