LCS integration with Sametime

I’ve just finished my final presentation of the TechNet roadshow and the final one for this tour.  So I’m writing this in truly wind down mode.  I was demoing Office communicator (when the venue wireless network went down – typical luck eh?) and talking about futures for VOIP and PBX integration – the usual real time collaboration stuff.  One of the questions after the presentation stuck in mind, as I answered the very same question by email last week.  So, in my view, if I’ve needed to deal with the same question twice, then it’s worth a blog entry!.

The question was whether LCS  and Office Communicator could provide integration with Sametime?

Well the short answer is no.

I think that this is due to the fact that Sametime uses sips (like https) that isn’t supported by Microsoft. We do support server to server communications through MTLS however. Sametime uses the Domino Directory or another LDAP directory, Live Communications Server requires Active Directory.  You could provide integration via a 3rd party tool such as Radvisions offering.

But if anyone wants to correct me or tell me that I’m talking rubbish and the integration works perfectly out of the box then please let me know…. (and I’ll amend this post…)