Maximum number of mail attachments

The blog entry that Ewan wrote the other day has got me thinking.  I’m still staggered at the maximum size of the attachments that you can send via an email.  2.4Gb!  What the heck were they sending?  The whole of the starwars DVD?  How long did it take for the message to leave the Outbox?  How long did it take to deliver? and how much did the whole network slow down?

some amazing sizes quoted on the comments to the blog too…

Well, I know that you can limit the maximum size of messages and attachments that you can send, you can limit the public folder note attachment size but can you limit the maximum number of attachments?  Well, here’s what i’ve found….

The clients can open 100 attachments in a mail, so that’s the default.  Here’s the article that explains this.