Daily Archives: June 5, 2005

Disappearing Outlook meeting requests

This has always baffled me and I’ve only just found out the answer to this issue.  I run 2 laptops, one as my daily workhorse, and one, more powerful demo machine that I use when I’m travelling.  I’m using it today at TechEd as John wanted me to bring mine as a backup incase something catastrophic happened to his before his sessions on Thursday and Friday.

This “do’s and don’ts” link had this wonderful gem of a tip:

Keep meetings from vanishing  If you run Outlook on two computers and accept a meeting while using one of them, don’t delete the meeting request from the Inbox on the other computer. If the request is still there, accept it again. Deleting a request on one computer after accepting it on another computer can cause the meeting to disappear from your calendar.

So now I know where the heck my meetings are going! – and I’m rather ashamed about the arguments I’ve had over this very point <blush>…

Allister – its time for another blogcast to educate me I think!. (Allister is the dark haired one on his blog photo…)