LCS 2005 Public IM Connectivity (PIC)

Well, as I’m going to be helping out at the LCS Ask the Experts stand (when I’m not presenting with Betsy) I thought it was appropriate that one of the first questions I had – that wasn’t about blogging – was about LCS and the ability to connect to AOL, MSN and Yahoo users.

Daniel had recognised me from the picture on my blog (even though today my hair is in a ponytail) and made a beeline over to say hello… a little scary as I was trying to remain incognito without a Microsoft branded shirt today…. Anyway, we got chatting about LCS and his frustration at trying to find some info on how to enable PIC.  Well, here’s the link to the LCS overview, and be sure to follow the links on the right hand side – especially the bottom link.  You’ll need this link to sign to confirm that you’re licenced appropriately by visiting the link on the right hand side of the page to provision your organisation for Yahoo and AOL connectivity.

One question answered… 500 or so more questions to go when TechEd gets started. Thats the great thing about this conference – looking forward to meeting other fellow bloggers and saying hi…