Daily Archives: June 1, 2005

Exchange Active sync – Server issues solved.

I’ve been trying to catch up with the backlog of mails I’ve had whilst I’ve been out of the office (scuba diving, then at the TechNet roadshow in Harrogate) and I came across this gem of a mail from Daniel.  Daniel has a blog of his own, but he hasn’t blogged about this rich collection of articles that he’s found.  So I thought I’d share them with you.

These are a whole load of error 500 messages that you may get when trying to set up Exchange Active sync and these error messages may point to a whole host of issues.  Here are some links to the kb articles that may help you troubleshoot the server issues and get EAS working.  Thanks Daniel!

You receive an HTTP_500 error message when you synchronize your mobile device with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access errors occur when SSL or forms-based authentication is required for Exchange Server 2003
Server ActiveSync Fails with HTTP_500 If SSL Is Enabled on Exchange Server Virtual Directory
XCCC: Valid SSL Certificate Is Required When You Use Server ActiveSync
Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access errors occur when SSL or forms-based authentication is required for Exchange Server 2003


Live meeting addins

Live Meeting 2005 Add-in: Live Meeting Add-in Pack Beta 2

With the Live Meeting Add-in Pack, you can perform conferencing tasks directly from Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, as well as from Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Office Communicator 2005.


Live Meeting 2005 Add-in: for Joining from Instant Messaging

The Live Meeting Add-in for Joining from Instant Messaging can only be installed when a user is invited to use Live Meeting during a Windows Messenger session or an MSN Messenger session and the user’s computer does not already have the Live Meeting Add-in Pack.


TechEd Amsterdam – the tall guys

Well, I’m sorting everything out and getting ready to fly over to TechEd in Amsterdam on Sunday with Betsy.  I’ve bullied her in to delivering a session on how the blogging engiines are constructed at Microsoft.  Betsy looks after http://blogs.msdn.com, http://blogs.technet.com and http://gotdotnet.com and in her spare time she answers all of the queries from bloggers here asking for new features and wanting to start blogs etc.

I’m delivering a chalk talk session on blogging – not a session for a change – and it’ll be nice to be a delegate for most of TechEd instead of feverishly practicing my demos and praying that nothing will fail during my session, so I can relax and blog about the event instead which will be nice.  But there’s one thing I don’t like about TechEd in Amsterdam, and it’s not technical or logistical either…

I’m 5ft 3 inches tall.  Much, much shorter than the average dutch (or scandinavian) person.   So when everyone gets their delegate bags, and wears them over their shoulders, those bags are at head height for me in my flat shoes.  So when anyone turns round, I get sideswiped.  I can’t carry beers either – unless I hold the tray at arms length vertically above my head (which is then at eye level for everyone else).  Maybe I need a flag…

So come over and say hello to me at TechEd I’ll be at the LCS ask the experts stand during the week, and also manning the booth at the Ask the Experts area…