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Customising tabs with Office Communicator 2005

I’ve been asked about this a couple of times before, there’s obviously quite a bit of interest in this topic so it’s worth another mention.

If you want to customise the tabs down the side of Office communicator 2005, haqve a look at the customising tab section in the planning and deployment guide which walks through how to set up the XML files etc for this..

There are other useful LCS and communicator documents mentioned here

**Updated link**


IMF and POP3 connections

Kerry was at the compliance event last week and asked me about the IMF.

I recently (last week) attended the Exchange Compliance and Disaster Recover presentation.
I have setup the IMF recently and have been collecting email via POP3 under SBS 2K3.
I have noticed through monitoring, that the IMF did not recognise all spam emails until I swapped to SMTP delivery at our site.  When using
POP3 it did not detect and did not move any emails into the junk folder, I current have the SCL set to ‘Do nothing’ when emails are categorised as I want to monitor the volumes and get the correct SCL/UCE in place.

Well Paul did a great blogcast on troubleshooting the IMF the other week but didn’t talk about POP3 limitations.  The thing about the IMF is that the IMF only works on smtp connections where the IMF is installed.  The reason that the IMF doesn’t work on the POP3 connector is that the sbs2003 POP3 connector puts the POP3 email into the pickup folder, and this bypasses normal smtp. 

So I’ve blogged about this just in case anyone else is trying to get the IMF working with POP3, and if you want an introduction to the IMF, Ewan did a great introductory blogcast on how the IMF works…


Blogcast: Enabling Roaming boundaries in SMS 2003

Here’s a blogcast showing how to enable local or remote roaming boundaries in SMS 2003.  The blogcast talks about how to enable BITS to ensure bandwidth throttling and the benefits of assigning local or remote roaming boundaries depending on link speed. You can read about BITS in the Advanced client section of the deployment guide 

This enables a finer degree of control when software packages are distriuted, and allows clients to download software packages from an alternate site within their boundary. 

The blogcast runs for 3 minutes 22 seconds, and is optimised for streaming.  You can find links to other blogcasts here.

Disabling mobility services for Active Directory users

I was talking to James the other day about using mobility features with users  He wanted to be able to disable certain individual user accounts access to all Mobile Services provided by Exchange 2003 without going to the Exchange Features tab in the account properties in Active Directory.  He wanted to disable or enable access to ALL users within an OU or Domain without going to each individual user account?  He asked whether there’s a script around that can do it, but couldnt find one.

I had a look around, and asked a few colleagues and came up with AD modify which will allow you to do this.  Have a look at this article written by Henrik for a step by step article on how this is done.  Seems like this will save James quite a bit of time (he works in a rather large organisation).

Scripting for MOM

Now this is a great idea. Mike blogged about how there’s a TechNet site with sample scripts and walkthroughs for creating scripts for MOM with a great article about the basics of scripting. 

But here’s the great thing.  There’s a link asking for content, so you can ask to see scripts that solve your (or mine) particular MOM problems.  That means that I can try to persuade someone else to do the scary scripting for me. Hee hee…

Exchange 2003 SP2

After Steve announced SP2 at TechEd Orlando and Terry blogged about it (and so did I), I’ve had quite a few questions about when SP2 would be released (2nd half of 2005 by the way), and some of the features in it.  Well here’s the link to the page documenting the features, things like the Windows mobile 5.0 messaging and security features pack, and some of the mobility management, mailbox improvements and anti phishing technologies that will be included with SP2.

There is also an FAQ about SP2 here.

What’s your favourite blog?

So today is an admin day.  I’m trying to get through my backlog of emails, run through next years events planning stuff with Louise, catch up on my technical knowledge, reading all of the blog feeds that I subscribe to, and answering as many customer mails as I can which come in through the blog, and I’m drowning a little with all that I have to do at the moment.

So I thought I’d go through my RSS reader and delete all those feeds that don’t really give me as much as they used to.  So now, I’m stuck with a fairly empty RSS reader and not many blogs to read.  So I thought I’d ask you.  Which technical blogs do you read? And which blogs inspire you and motivate you.

Leave a comment and let us all know so that I can populate my RSS reader afresh… Thanks…