Multiple Points of presence in Office Communicator 2005

I often work with 2 PC’s: my Demo machine and my daily workhorse (which has all of my music on it) I use Outlook in cached mode on both, so i only need to take my demo machine away with me when I travel to the roadshow.  Office Communicator auto starts on both machines (unlike MSN messenger which only allows one sign on at a time) Communicator is quite happy for me to have conversations to the same person from 2 machines at a time.  So sometimes an alert will appear on the machine that I’m not actually working at, and its been bugging me, so I had a look around for an answer.

Its called multiple points of presence, and the device shosen to deliver the alert to is calculated via an aggregated machanism to the Endpoint. The RegistrarEndpoint built-in class defines a SIP endpoint stored in the registrar database of the Live Communications Server. This class can be used to determine the availability and activity level of an endpoint.

Then the device is chosen based on the following status of the client:

  • Active
  • Be Right Back
  • On the Phone
  • Out to Lunch
  • Busy
  • Idle
  • Away
  • Offline

But be warned – if your status is set to busy as it’s picking up things from your calendar, and you have a meeting scheduled, then your other machine (which may be sitting at home) will be collecting the alerts for you.  so either sign off – or set that machine to do not disturb or something like that.. otherwise your buddies will think that you don’t want to talk to them…

You can read how the RegistrarEndpoint works here