Log Bugs and make suggestions for MOM 2005

I received the following mail from the MOM team.. The site is worth bookmarking if you have any suggestions for MOM 2005

The MOM Product Team has been fielding bugs and enhancement requests logged directly from our community since MOM 2005 released last year. We have processed over 168 bugs and enhancement requests and over half have been accepted by our team for consideration for inclusion in MOM 2005 SP1 and MOM V3, but even so we would like to increase the level of engagement from our community in this forum.   We invite everybody from our community to contact us via this forum in addition to using the feedback link provided in the MOM Administrator Console and 3 links on http://www.microsoft.com/mom.

We are deeply committed to finding ways to connect with customers and we think this channel is an important step in that process. Please go to http://www.microsoft.com/mom/feedback and use this site to provide the MOM Product Team with their feedback.

The MSDN Product Feedback Center is a public suggestion and bug database for Microsoft products. Suggestions and bugs entered are ported directly into our internal bug and suggestion tracking databases. Because we collect information in a structured way and insert it into our developer’s usual workflow, it is very actionable for the product teams. Enforced search, voting, and validation, help to remove duplicates and surface the issues that are most important to our customers.

The Product Feedback Center is about transparency, community and closing the loop with you – our customers. You can report on a bug or post a suggestion, find out if it has already been reported or see if there is a workaround or a fix. The community can connect with other customers by posting workarounds and comments or influence the timeliness of a fix by validating and voting. We want to show that we not only acknowledge and accept customer feedback, but we also listened and act upon it.  Please support us in this effort – helping us to deliver a better product to you.

It’s a good opportunity to get your suggestions directly to the product team…