Blogging from your mobile phone to MSN spaces

I’ve just seen this on an email.  Cool idea (and nice that we’ve got this feature before anyone else…! )

Mobile SMS To MSN Spaces Blog

What is it?

This is a new BETA Service which allows our Spaces users to update Blogs on their MSN Spaces with an SMS message from their mobile phone.  The UK is the only market offering this at the moment. (Mike, why didn’t you get there first???)

Why is it useful?

When you are traveling or are away from a PC and want to post a thought or comment about what you’re seeing or experiencing to share with your family!  You could be abroad, in a night club or in the middle of the countryside.

The cost of sending an SMS to MSN Spaces is free plus the normal carrier charge

 Find out more about how you set up your SMS to Spaces service here and if you do not have an MSN Space yet set one up here..