Restricting mail to a distribution group in exchange 2003

We recently created an email alias for the Industry Insiders forum and we were talking about whether to restrict inbound emails to the alias as we wanted to minimise any potential influx of spam.  The email alias is for Insiders to submit articles and biographies for inclusion on the forum and the TechNet web site.  So we had a look at how we could do this.  There’s a kb article detailing how to restrict the users who can send inbound internet mail to another user or distributon group in Exchange 2003.

We’ve left the setting empty of course so you can send us your articles for publishing.  If you’re interested in becoming an Insider have a look here, and find out what the Insiders do.   David and Jeremy have also included their pictures.  So I now know how to get images hosted somewhere in cyberspace, so send me your photo with your biography and article.  I’ve even managed to get a picture of me on my own blog so my fan can see my picture (thanks Dad…)