Daily Archives: May 4, 2005

Exchange 2003 ADC

Michael emailed me with a problem he had with his Exchange 5.5 organisation talking to Exchange 2003.

Whenever he sent email from the 5.5 server to Exchange 2003 the email does not arrive in the 2003 email account until he clicked on a public folder on the 2003 client.  It seems that this makes 2003 talk to Exchange 5.5 to see the public folders and then 5.5 says, “that is where you are and here is your mail”.  The 5.5 is in an NT domain with a two way trust to the AD and they are using the Exchange Active Directory connection tool to link the two servers.

Well, the problem appears to be that the ADC can’t find the Exchange 5.5 server.  When you configure a 2 way connection agreement for Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2003 you need to ensure that the 2 servers can talk to each other in the first instance.  Start with ping and work your way up the DNS stack.  It may be something simple like an IP config issue, or a DNS error.  This is easier than trying to troupbleshoot using RPCping or MAPI. Then you need to correctly configure your Recipient Connection agreement and your Public folders connection agreement.  Have a look at the blogcast on how to do this.  THe Connection Agreement wizard should take you though all of the steps you need to set this up.

The Connection Agreement Wizard recommends public folder connection agreements and recipient connection agreements based on your Exchange 5.5 directory and Active Directory configuration. You can then review the recommended connection agreements, and select those that you want the wizard to create. There are three kinds of connection agreements:

Recipient connection agreements –  replicate recipient objects and the data they contain between the Exchange directory and Active Directory.

Public folder connection agreements – replicate public folder directory objects between the Exchange 5.5 directory and Active Directory.

Configuration connection agreements:  During your initial Exchange 2003 installation, Exchange 2003 Setup creates a configuration connection agreement between Active Directory and your Exchange 5.5 site. Configuration connection agreements replicate Exchange-specific configuration information between the Exchange 5.5 directory and Active Directory. These agreements allow Exchange 2003 to coexist with Exchange 5.5.

You can also have a look at how to migrate from Exchange 5.5 in the Exchange 2003 Deployment guide

Well after all of this, Michael mailed me back to tell me it was a DNS error.  Grrr!