Configuring LCS 2005 to use SIP/PSTN Gateway

I did an interesting demo at the TechNet roadshow last week.  I was talking about Live Communications Server 2005 and Voice integration and a bit of VOIP.  I demoed the new Office Communicator 2005 client (using SIP/HTTP on a dodgy satellite link) and I asked my buddy Ewan to demo the VOIP features. The latency was too high for me to use a VPN connection.

 So Ewan called me from the office, using his headset to dial my office number, which routed through to my Smartphone which rang on stage.  I held the phone to my radio microphone whilst Ewan demonstrated how the technology work.  And the audience ignored the crackles booming round the room from the phone interference with the mic.

A real, live, not canned demo.  just how scary can that get?  and just how many things could have gone wrong?.. It reminds me of my worst ever presenting experience – ever… but thats another story!

If you want to have a go at deploying the SIP/PSTN gateway and try this yourself, have a look at this document