Daily Archives: April 19, 2005

Exchange 2003 backups

Bryan came to my Technet evening on the 22nd and  mailed me with quick question regarding backing up Exchange 2003. 

He uses Veritas for backup on all of his client sites and has the option to back up the mailboxes individually or the Information Store. He reckons that all they need to do is backup the information store as Exchange will keep any deleted mailboxes for 30 days anyway and also asked if he could just get an individual mailbox out of the backed up information store like I demonstrated at the TechNet presentation. However his colleague seems to think/argue that they need to backup each mailbox individually.

I’ve covered backups in detail in a previous post so won’t repeat myself again.  However, brick level backups are covered in the excellent article by Daniel Petri and this article by the Exchange Team.  Suffice to say, the Recovery storage group and Exmerge will ease your restore pain…


Scripting Office Applications

I noticed that this has popped up ot the TechNet website – simple tips and tricks for scripting Office Applications.  Useful – but a bit scary for a non developer like me…

Error Code: – 2147467259 The agent could not connect to the MOM Server

This is a real pig of an error message, and has had me chasing my tail today about it.  My MOM agent just couldn’t contact to the MOM server.  I found some information about how to work arond the problem in the kb article, and played around with the security settings and the registry to see if I could connect. 

I had a look at the EnableAuthEpResolution Registry Key to see if the RPC Endpoint mapper was causing the problem and thoroughly scared myself reading the developer blurb.  so I went back to basics.

Tried ping.  Hmm.  Didn’t work

Tried Ipconfig.  Aha.  192.168.x.x.  What a pillock!

Works fine now.  What a waste of a couple of hours!