New Smartphone SPV C550 shipping

The Register had something that caught my eye this monring after blogging about it the other day.  Apparantly we’ll be able to get hold of the next version of the Smartphone in the UK from next month.  Yippeee…

The funky matt black look really annoys me for a really girly reason.  Whenever I take a call, my dangly earring screeches on the shell and causes a sound like chalk on a blackboard – Eeuch!   Mind you, my colleague Mike has a bloke type complaint too… He told me that whenever he answers a call, the microphpone part at the top pulls the hairs out of his sideboards (US= sideburns), no, not the hairs out of his ears and he complains that answering a phone call hurts.  Poor chap… I’m sure I’m not alone with my whinges.

So do I go go for this one, or wait until the 600 is ready?  Aargh! decisions, decisions…..