Exchange 2003 – Restricting message sizes

I’ve been clearing out my mailbox as I’ve had a copule of warning messages that I’m up to my size limit in Exchange, and if I ignore these messages then I can’t send any mails – just when I need to send that urgent mail of course.  So that I can easily find out which messages to trash, I use the configurable options for the  search folders feature in Outlook 2003 to find out which messages have the largest attachments.  Then, I can then either delete just the attachment or delete the whole message.  Well, I noticed an extra large attachment, which led me to realise that we’d had our message size limits increased for messages sent internally.  I was convinced that the message size limit isn’t this big at our SMTP gateway.  So I had a look artound and found an article showing how you can configure different message sizes  globally, at the Connector, and at the SMTP virtual server.  

Now you can set different thresholds for messages at different parts of the system.  And confuse everyone if you want.  hee hee.

By the way, after some digging around, our message limits are the same internally and externally so I was wrong about that too. I’ve cleared most of the junk out of my mailbox – but I’m running out of disk space now!! Oh well…