Clustering and Disaster recovery

I don’t tend to blog much about Clustering as Rodney, Paul and Evan do such a storming job on their blogs, but I was going through the swathes of messages that I havent had time to look at whilst I’ve been at the Technet Roadshow this week, and I came across this fantastic set of links about Clustering with regards to Disaster rewcovery situations.  So its thanks very much to Adis and Chuck for compiling this amazing set of resources which I’ve reproduced here:

185942 Cannot run ISINTEG -PATCH on cluster server computer

178311 Error running ISINTEG on a cluster server

258243 How to back up and restore an Exchange computer by using the Windows Backup program

296788 Offline backup and restoration procedures for Exchange

266689 The “ESEUTIL/CC” command does not work on cluster server

323016 Setup with the disaster recovery option does not work on a clustered server that is running Exchange 2000 Server

303949 How to restore an information store database in a clustered Exchange environment  

298068 Exchange setup “Server object … already exists” error message 

328875 This step-by-step article describes the implementation of Exchange on a Microsoft Windows 2000-based cluster 

328759 Considering Disaster Recovery in Your Deployment Plan for Exchange 2000 

263532 How to perform a disaster recovery restoration of Active Directory on a computer with a different hardware configuration  

Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server 

Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server

Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide

Thanks everyone…