MSN 7.0 – much better than the beta!

I’ve downloaded the full version of MSN 7.0 after playing with the beta for a couple of months and its fab… I can now put a comment under my name instead of having to modify my display options each time I log in and I’m in a different location.  I can switch on the “what I’m listenening too now” option so that my buddy list can be horrified at my tastes in music. (I’m listening to Sexy Boy by Air now if you were wondering).

My mate Sue shows as now using Web messenger (as it says Sue (Web), and i can easily see who has a space by the flashing stars beside each name.  All my buddies who have loaded pictures are now shows as teeny weeny images instead of green on line icons.  Cool.

Yup – it’s fab – and I’ve been playing with it all day and i’m not bored with it yet so it must be good!