Daily Archives: April 6, 2005

UK TechNet Roadshow – to demo or not?

I’m putting the finishing touches to my presentations at next week’s TechNet roadshow in Edinburgh, and having a fun time with the Live Communications Server 2005 demo.  The problem with LCS and Office communicator is that the demos work really well when there’s a live person at the other end of the line, and I can rehearse all of the cool things to show during the demo.

The second issue is that we’re not at a Microsoft office for the roadshow, we’re at the corn exchange, and the comms links will hopefully be in place.  So the worry is, will the wireless access points work? Will I have enough bandwidth to demo all that I want to, or will someone just ignore the “Busy – Go away” sign and just chat to me during the presentation.  scary stuff. Live demos always are…

But someone attending a session I did recently told me that Microsoft presentations were like Indy car racing – only interesting if something crashes.

They’re not on stage panicking though…