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Lots more management packs released for MOM 2005

I noticed that the SMS 2003 scripting guide was released last week.  It’s quite useful if you’re not too good at scripting (like me) and need a head start.  If you’re a script guru, then there are links to the SDK’s and the Windows 2000 scripting guide. I suppose if you’re a real windows scripting guru, you’ll live in the script center anyway, and write these on a daily basis.  I thought they were nice to get me started … 


Lots more management packs released for MOM 2005

There has been 10 more management packs released for MOM 2005 Management Packs This release almost doubles the number of MOM 2005 enhanced Management Packs available for Microsoft products and enhances MOM’s capability to manage these crucial applications by adding state monitoring, tasks and new reports

This release contains the following Management Packs:

1.       Microsoft Virtual Server

2.       Microsoft Windows Distributed File Services

3.       Microsoft Windows Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Services

4.       Microsoft Windows File Replication Services

5.       Microsoft Windows Print Services

6.       Microsoft Windows Terminal Services

7.       Microsoft Windows Application Center

8.       Microsoft Windows Desktop Base Operating System

9.       Microsoft Availability Reporting  

10.   Microsoft Web Sites and Web Services

Highlights in this list include the much requested Virtual Server Management Pack, a Desktop Management Pack for monitoring mission critical desktop machines, a management pack designed to provide state-of-the-art availability reporting based on the Reliability Analysis Service technology, and the Web Sites and Web Services Management Pack. these Management Packs are shipping in all three additional languages.


Want to learn more?  The full set of 168 Management Packs and connectors available for MOM – including 108 from our ecosystem of partners – can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/management/mma/catalog.aspx.

Update: Edited with the links to the MP’s

Windows mobile 2005

I noticed that Engadget had a screenshot of Windows Mobile 2005 Magneto the other day.  Heck I’m not running it yet, and covet the fact that Ewan is. He was giving me a tour of the new features over coffee this morning.   Grrr!   I’m really impressed with the interface and the new contacts interface.  Now I need to get myself organised and try to get one to trial…