Daily Archives: April 1, 2005

Tracking messages in Exchange 2003

I’ve been playing around with mesage tracking today, and I’ve lost a couple of mails.  I’ve been getting 1021 errors which have been driving me crazy.  Well I’ve finally found out what’s been happening.  There’s this great kb article that I’ve found that documents all of the tracking error messages.

Now I’ve only got to work out how the heck I’m sending bad mails all the time.  At least I know where they’re going now though! 

I found some other useful articles during my quest.

How to enable message tracking 

Exchange 2003 message tracking

Think I’ll turn tracking off and do something else instead now.  I’ve spent too much time on this…


Deploy Windows 2003 SP1 using SMS

So Windows Server 2003 SP1 shipped yesterday (my colleague John was on line most of the night so he could download the new SP1 bits whilst they were still warm).  But the great thing about this is that we also shipped the SMS Package definition files, so you can quickly deploy SP1 without messing around creating the PDF’s yourself.  There’s a kb article documenting how to deploy SP1 too.

And if you missed the hoo ha about SP1 for Windows Server, here are some links…



 Deployment tools x86:

Deployment tools ia64:

 Support tools x86

 Support tools ia64  


SP1 list of updates:

 Release Notes for SP1

  How to obtain the latest service pack for WS03:

SP1 support tools:

SP1 deployment tools:

Hard disk space requirements for SP1